Reflective Log: Monday 21st January 2013

Well, I’m not actually writing this at work. There is snow, so the university is closed. They were pretty late in getting the message out – I’d already got up early and done some pre-work exercise and it wasn’t until I was slightly worried I was running late that I saw I didn’t need to have gotten up in the first place! Am still writing this log now though, as I know I won’t really have time later in the week, by which point I’ll have forgotten what went on last week (I think I already have!).

Nothing out of the ordinary happened on Monday. After having written my log, I spent the morning planning my tour for the Leeds and Leeds Met GTs later in the week, as well as also getting on with a spreadsheet full of some journal info for the Health Studies librarian – there’s a list a few hundred journal titles long that I’m checking the catalogue to see if we subscribe to. It’s a long job. This was followed by my slot on the info desk, in which, if I remember correctly, I wasn’t asked a single question. Afternoon on customer services as per. I’d been feeling pretty miserable all day but some time on the counter helped liven me up.

Tuesday morning was my first morning helping out acquisitions. This isn’t my proper acquisition training, but they could use a spare bod to do some simple tasks for them while they’re short-staffed. My mornings with them thus far (Tuesday and Friday) have consisted of labelling an assortment of books with the wrong classmarks, and searching the shelves for books that were missed out in the reclassification project on the system. Out of the books I’ve been able to find, they’ve all had the right label put on them but their record hasn’t been updated. I also went to the eResources meeting on Tuesday  morning. It was a bit of a blur because I had a headache again, and also because that’s just the effect systems-related things seem to have on me. Probably a very bad sign, that. We were shown a new platform for uploading masters dissertations, and also got updates on how Millennium, SFX and IT services were doing.

Wednesday was the most interesting day for me. I spent a lot of the morning making plans for the display I’m doing for LGBT History Month. I’m quite a slow worker when I’m actually producing something by myself because I’m always very anxious about making it perfect, so I’ll need some more time to work on this before February. I’m sure it will be fine. It meant that I got to sit in Commonweal for a while looking for Interesting Things, which I found to be very relaxing and wish I could do more often.

*pauses to look out the window, realises she’s seen 3 ambulances with flashing lights go past in the time that she’s been writing this*

In the afternoon, my fellow graduate trainees from Leeds and Leeds Met came over the play. It was nice to see them, and I enjoyed showing them the library. I’d arranged for a few different staff members to talk to them about their specialist area (namely Special Collections, Commonweal and international students – we only had 2 hours for the whole thing), and I think this went down well. The other GTs probably thought the folk at Bradford are a bit bonkers – when I showed them around customer services, 3 separate members of staff talked to them about playing hide and seek with lemons… But that was that. I do very much like our library 🙂

Thursday morning I was back in systems. I did the morning check of the self-service machines and catalogue PCs by myself, and all went well. We still had technical issues with what I’d been supposed to be doing the week before, but managed to find a way to get the task done (only one computer in the room would load the page, and only one person out of all of us appeared to have admin access, so we had to shuffle around a bit). The task involved removing masters dissertations from 2007 off of the webpage. One by one. There’s hundreds and hundreds of them. That is all I shall say on the matter. When I went on my break, I arrived back at the office to find that everyone else had disappeared and I was locked out for half an hour. I probably should have just gone to the admin office and asked to borrow a key, but muggins here sometimes lacks common sense, so I disappeared off to get on with something else and kept coming back to check. Next week I get my own key. This is good. Towards the end of the morning, Polly gave me a list of some ebooks that hadn’t been activated on SFX, and showed me what I needed to do. I couldn’t get around half of them to work, and that is probably why I don’t have a future as a systems librarian.

Friday was spent doing tasks for acquisitions again. Nothing to really add about the work, but jeez was floor 1 quiet! From 9-10 I was the only person on the entire floor. It was WEIRD. A mixture of end-of-exams and Bad Weather. I savoured the moment, as I’m sure several of my colleagues did too! This also meant that customer services in the afternon was super quiet too – quiet enough to get some filing done whilst being on the counter! I spent the last hour of the day down in the basement sorting out journal boxes – many of the journal runs are running out of space so we just need to get boxes ready for 2013 and slot in. Easier said than done! There were quite a few places where an entire couple of bays will need to be moved in order to fit in just one pamphlet box. Looking forward to more weeding!


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