Reflective Log: Monday 28th January 2013

Another week, another Monday. Last week was super busy, as I always am at the moment – but at least I’ve always got things to be doing! As much as I enjoy my job, I was grateful for the snow day last Monday. Extra time spent loafing around my apartment is always much appreciated. Can’t say I got anything much done, but sometimes those days are the best kind.

Disappointingly little snowfall since Monday morning, so Tuesday I was straight back in. I was helping Acquisitions in the morning, and started by spending some time looking for books on their very long list of items missing from the reclassification. I found quite a few, but many, many more remain a mystery. I also had to sort through all of the post for the library and unwrap lots of shiny new journals, which I found to be quite a lot of fun – it was just like Christmas, only none of the presents were for me!

On Tuesday afternoon, I finally had my official induction to the university. Not like I’ve been here nearly 3 months already or anything. Whilst I agree that it’s important that staff are inducted properly, I felt that by this point my time would be far better spent on the understaffed counter helping students than it was learning about the library catalogue and gym membership! It was good to finally be able to put a face to the current VC though, and to catch up with a guy in the pharmacy department who I’d met on a customer services workshop a couple of months ago. The highlight of the afternoon, apart from the tea and biscuits, was getting to see inside the security base at the university – it was good fun watching people in the lifts on CCTV, and I learnt a couple of good-to-know things about student (and staff) safety in Bradford.

Wednesday morning should have been the ASG meeting, but this was postponed until next week. This has been both useful and a nuisance, because whilst it provided me with a couple of hours to actually get Stuff Done that had been sitting on my desk begging to be completed for some time, it also means my large chunk of time this week to finish putting info together for my display is going to be massively eaten into. I did manage to finish collating feedback from Library on Location, finish putting shelf ends up, look up journal access for one of the librarians and help Kirsty with some banner design issues. Kirsty also took me to see Room 101 in another building on campus – the international centre (or something along those lines!). It was a very cute and friendly room with computers and language resources for students to use. Lots of interesting things on the walls and a very relaxed atmosphere that doesn’t quite exist here in the library! I also had a meeting with the Special Collections librarian about potential Interesting Things that I could use for my display. We had a very interesting discussion, and I very much appreciate her help!

Thursday brought another morning in the systems office. I did the rounds of checking the self-service machines and catalogue computers, then got my teeth stuck into more deleting of masters dissertations from the online platform, Virtual Scholars. I also activated a list of books on SFX, with a lot more success than I had had the week before.

On Friday morning I was back with acquisitions – I did some spine labelling, which is a fairly pleasant task for when your brain isn’t fully functioning yet in the morning. My other task for the morning was opening boxes of brand new books and putting them in the right order to be processed. I definitely enjoyed this job – it was even more like Christmas than opening the post. The geek in me LOVES new books (who doesn’t?!).

Afternoons were, as always, spent with customer services. I’m going to be sad when my time with them is up in March – I really like having my day split up, and it’s always interesting to deal with different enquiries and see that you’re actively helping people. As well as time on the main counter, I’ve been setting up pamphlet boxes for new journals coming in where there’s no more space on the shelves, answering more e-mails, and generally feeling like I have much more of an idea what I’m doing than I did a couple of months ago!

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