Reflective Log: Monday 4th February 2012

My my, another week gone by! It was another busy week last week, so I’m pleased to say that my schedule for this coming week looks a little more relaxed!

Last Monday I blocked out some time in the morning to work towards the display I’ve been putting together for LGBT History Month. I met with Alison from Special Collections, who had very kindly looked for some LGBT-related material in Special Collections for me – most interestingly was a file of activisty pridey photos from the 80s, of which I managed to use a couple to put up on my boards. It was fun having a chance to be more of an actual reader downstairs sifting through materials, and I look forward to seeing some collections in more detail when I work there later on in the year. I also (finally!) met with the other member of the systems team, and she showed me what she gets up to in the office. It was good to meet the person whose desk I’ve been sitting at on Thursday mornings, and we also successfully got off-topic and started discussing Bradford’s feminist scene. Definitely worth my time!

Tuesday I was working with customer services for the entire day, as I’d missed an afternoon the previous week due to my university induction. I think it was good for me to finally work a morning, as it was interesting to note the differences between the times of day – it was pretty quiet first thing, but 1-2pm was one giant rush! The day went by pretty quickly, as there’s always someone to be helping or something to be doing at the counter.

On Wednesday morning we had the postponed ASG meeting from last week – by the time I write this log I can never remember what was discussed in the meeting! What I do remember is that even when the whole group agrees on an action or a decision, said topic will still get discussed at great length regardless of how many other things are left on the agenda that may require more time! At least they always have all bases covered, I guess. I followed this meeting with some more time working on my display – there was a *lot* of cutting and laminating and more cutting to be done! (Pictures will follow in next week’s blog)

Thursday was my final morning in the systems office. I still had about 400 masters dissertations to remove from the system one by one, and I somehow managed to do this remarkably quickly – I hadn’t been expecting to get it done in that morning, but I still had some time to spare. I was then shown how to put some ebooks that were anomalies that we’d found the week before onto SFX. As per usual, it didn’t go quite to plan, and we had to refer most of them back to acquisitions because there were broken links bouncing around, but it was still interesting to see. I’m still fairly sure I don’t want to be a systems librarian though!

On Friday I had another morning working in acquisitions. In the first half of the morning I was spine-labelling a trolley of books and then unpacking boxes of new books again. After that, though, I was shown how to put PhD theses onto the catalogue. Everyone in the office joked that I’d be lucky if I didn’t yawn, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t – but I’m sure that was just because they’d put the thought into my head! Anyway, after a couple of examples I was entering all of the details into the catalogue by myself, and I’m fairly sure I did it all right – we’ll see if I remember how to do it again this week though.

I guess that sums up my latest endeavours in the library. Afternoons were with customer services, and I’m fairly sure there was something I wanted to mention in this blog but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was – maybe it’ll come back!

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One thought on “Reflective Log: Monday 4th February 2012

  1. libraryem

    Putting together an LGBT history month display sounds fun – my traineeship was a law library, so sadly all my displays featured covers of books about contract law and photos of aging lawyers. Hope it all goes well 🙂

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