Reflective Log: Monday 11th February 2013

So last week was a Good Week. I had that sense that I’d actually been productive and got stuff done, which I think was something I really needed. I started the week by finally finishing my work towards and putting up my display for LGBT History Month –

I’d gradually been accumulating bits and bobs in the few gaps in my timetable I’d had over the last couple of weeks, so it was nice to finally have time to put it all together. If you ever need a laminated arrow, I’m your go-to person! Putting it up was a lot of fun – I love getting a chance to be a bit creative, so it was pretty relaxing putting everything up on the boards (apart from the part when the boards fell on top of me…!). I even had some students ask me what the whole thing was about as I put it up, which was a positive experience. I’ve arranged it so that the back of the boards is up against the gl

ass wall that students pass as they walk either to the library or the SU, and has large images of famous LGBT people across it – which has turned out to be very eye-catching and a lot of people have stopped to take a look at it as they walk by. The front of the boards, inside the library, has a brief timeline of LGBT history in the UK from the 1900s onwards, accompanied by some pictures and some books. I think it looks pretty good, and I’ve had lots of positive experience, so I am a pleased queer.

The front of my display :-)

The front of my display 🙂

The back of my display :-)

The back of my display 🙂

On Tuesday, I helped out at a library induction test-type session for a very large group of biomed students. This was an absolute nightmare, as due to traffic the librarian whose session it was was delayed, so the rest of us didn’t entirely know what we were doing. Things were made more complicated when it turned out that there were only enough hand-outs for half of the group, and a lot of the links needed on the web didn’t work. Eventually everything turned out okay though, thanks to the sterling effort of my colleagues – although I am still sporting a rather large blue bruise on my thigh from walking straight into a table corner!

Following on from the biomed session, I had my 3-month appraisal. I was given a packet of Thornton’s biscuits, which I think it is either a step up or on par with the dark chocolate gingers I was given on my 1-month appraisal, so I think that means I’m doing well. I’ve been told I’ll know I’ve done a bad job when I’m presented with a packet of dry cream crackers (a challenge, perhaps?!). Of course the meeting with my line-manager was about more than sugary treats, and it went well. Positive feedback and goals/objectives for the future. Happy Kates.

After my appraisal, a small group of us had a meet-up to discuss the progress of our Twitter/Facebook accounts. Not a lot is really done with them because everyone is very busy, and there are disagreements amongst the team about what to do with them (IT services want to take control of the library Twitter account. Uh… what?!). Progress was made in that I’ve been given permission to update the Twitter when I have time on the info desk (although I’m now using the time here certainly on a Monday to write this log, as I appear to have lost my Monday morning log-writing slot…), but I think we still have a lot of work ahead of us in terms of making it really work. So that was Tuesday [morning].

Wednesday morning brought the joy of another ASG meeting. Due to having had the postponed one the previous week, the agenda wasn’t too long, and this was the first meeting I’ve been to where we finished. Early. This freed me up with some time to get Stuff Done, which I also had time for on Thursday morning too, so between the 2 days I finally got through the majority of the list of jobs I’d had sitting at my desk for about a month. I finished the last few missing shelf end signs for the basement, proof-read (with vigour!) another referencing guide, unloaded a few bays worth of pamphlet boxes of aged things in need of review onto some shelves in the machine room, and packed up around 15 boxes of old journals to be moved to one of the departments. Productive, productive, productive!

On Friday morning I was back with acquisitions. One of the shelvers has got a new job as one of the support assistants in ASG, so we’re both being given our acquisitions training together. We were taught how to suppress disgarded items on the catalogue, and I catalogued a few more theses. Let’s say ‘catalogue’ a bunch more times. Catalogue catalogue catalogue catalogue catalogue.

Not too much left to report from customer services. I really enjoyed helping a student find a working paper that was in the Development Collection – thanks to a rather unhelpful catalogue entry, it was a case of the partially sighted leading the blind, but we got there eventually and the student was very grateful for my help.

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