Reflective Log: Monday 17th June 2013

Another week spent measuring journals on shelves. I finally finished them all, huzzah.

^ I would love to leave this post just as that, but I suppose I should elaborate a bit more on the week! So I finished measuring (this took up the bulk of my week again), and also did some more measurements of the space itself, and put some more figures on some shiny floor plans I’d made so that Sarah could do some number crunching. We’re hoping (Dear God I hope my measurements are correct!!) that we should actually be able to fiddle with the shelving and actually make the floor fully accessible to wheelchair users and the lot – that is, if we really have got 3km of journals down to 1.5km. It’s gonna be close.

Other things I did last week… on Monday afternoon I started my new career as a model. Some of the librarians are making a couple of new tutorials for the website, on finding a book and using the photocopiers, and they needed someone student-looking, so naturally I was first port of call. I felt a bit stupid, but at least now I’ll live on once I’ve left the library!

On Tuesday and Friday I spent more time planning the questionnaires for my project on library accessibility. I had meetings with two other members of staff to discuss what to include and how to include it, and I’ll be meeting with another librarian tomorrow to work on how best to word the questions to get the best possible responses. I have one questionnaire for disabled students and one for library staff members, and I think they’re looking quite good so far.

On Thursday morning I did a task that I’d forgotten to do whilst measuring – labelling some boxes of journals as not to be discarded without first consulting Special Collections – when, an hour into the morning, I realised I was supposed to be with acquisitions. Oops! All was good though, and I spent the morning with them spine labelling – at the moment they’re reclassifying all of the 306s, so there’s shelves and shelves and shelves to be done.

Friday was spent finding some resources that might be useful for my project, but most of the day was spent working on a spreadsheet I’ve been given to complete – it is a list of all of the journals held at our management library, and I am looking each one up on the catalogue and noting down ISSN, classmark, and if we have online access. I have so far got through 100 titles out of over 300, so I’ll be doing this for a while longer yet!

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