Reflective Log: Friday 19th July 2013

It’s a hot Friday afternoon and I’m knackered, so I’m going to write this week’s log now, as I’ve just finished the physical work I’ve been up to all day.

On Monday morning, after I’d blogged and caught up with e-mails, I spent some more time working on the questionnaire for my accessibility project. I made the changes that Sarah had suggested when I met with her the previous week re: the accessibility of a question that makes use of a big grid. I then launched the dummy survey for testing by myself, a couple of the librarians, and the head of disability services (scary!). We came up with one or two minor changes that needed to be made, and I then rolled out the actual survey for actual students to fill in (I’ve currently contacted around 20 disabled students to pilot it). So far I’ve had a few responses, and they have actually been more positive than I had been expecting, but are also providing the responses that I was hoping they would. So fingers crossed more people take part 🙂

If you’re feeling curious, feel free to take a look at the dummy survey. You’ll need to put answers in the boxes to access the next pages, but feel free to just write nonsense! It can be found at


In the afternoon, I met up with the distance learning librarian to discuss what she does for distance learners. She took me through the courses that count as distance learning (but there is often confusion over what is or isn’t distance learning, I would’ve thought a University would have managed to figure that out more clearly…), and the types of requests and questions she deals with. I was glad of this meeting, as I still hadn’t been entirely sure of the processes distance learners have to go through to access some of our resources.

On Tuesday morning I attended one of the plagiarism group’s meetings (I’d come so close to avoiding this during my time here!). Every new student at the University has to complete a plagiarism avoidance module, but in the past there have been issues with the way it’s been put onto Blackboard (the learning environment thingymajig. I still don’t really understand it because we didn’t have anything like it when I was a student at Warwick!), so the group have been coming up with a better way of redoing the process. It all sounds rather complicated to me, but from what I understand, a solution has been found.

On Wednesday morning was the ASG (academic support/services (?!) group (subject librarians)) meeting, as per every fortnight. Nothing massively exciting to report there – there was more talk of the plagiarism test, and also a discussion on how/when best to let school/college groups use the library.

On Thursday morning I attended the postponed SAPC meeting (School Academic Programmes Committee) for the School of Computing, Informatics and Media. Granted, I didn’t really have a clue what they were talking about for large chunks of it, but it’s really interesting to experience behind the scenes of how University departments operate – as a student, I had had absolutely no clue what went on, and it’s something I’ll learn a lot more about if I eventually become an academic librarian.

Other than the above, I have been shifting books for the entire time. All of our 306s were taken into the basement for reclassifying as 360s, and enough stock had been shifted upstairs that it was time to move them back into their correct position in the sequence. It has been a pretty big job to do by myself in a week, but working alone was much better for me in this instance, as I was merging the reclassified books with the pre-existing 360s. Surprisingly, I didn’t find it boring or dull, probably because I’ve been finding ways to amuse myself – mostly through looking at the books (I’ve found two books both titled ‘The Last Taboo’, and each was about something different… this is the kind of simple thing that keeps me entertained!).

That’s it from me for now. I’ve heard that next week is going to be just as hot as this week, much to my dismay. Maybe I’ll turn up wearing a skirt instead of jeans one day… or maybe I won’t…


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