My name is Katie. Originally from Essex, I ventured away from home to do my undergraduate degree at Warwick in French and Italian Studies. This involved a lot of travelling and a lot of learning, and was over far too quickly. During my time at Uni, I became captured by student politics. I led the LGBTUA society and got involved in the feminist movement too. I may blog at some point about my queer identity.  But alas, graduation meant time to join the Real World, and I am now attempting to do that. I’ve recently moved to’t North as I got a job as the graduate library trainee at Bradford University, where I am now training up for a future in libraries and information services. This excites me, and as part of my reflective process I shall be blogging about my progress in the library here (and hopefully I’ll be able to share my masters adventures next year too!). There may be times when I procrastinate and blog about other, more activisty things, but hopefully my experiences will be interesting enough to write about!

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